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API Management is something that you have certainly heard about at a conference... or perhaps because you have already installed one on your network? This product, which offers management and developer portals as well as increased security, is necessary for a service ecosystem that utilizes multiple APIs. However, the introduction of such a solution raises many questions, both technical and organizational.


On the technical side, most vendors promise packaged solutions that are easy to implement. The reality is often more complex, especially when it comes to security (authentication, authorization). From an organizational point of view, the risk is to reproduce the same mistakes as in the Enterprise Service Bus era, by having a team responsible for the product that becomes a bottleneck as a result of embedding functional requirements. If we add to this the developments of the last few years (Cloud and agile methods in particular), this creates a rather complex equation to solve, which can be technically beneficial (statistics, monitoring, service catalog, etc.) and can also quickly become problematic (vendor lock-in, organizational impacts, etc.).


In a nutshell.

This new refcard aims to demystify API Management by answering the following questions: What is API Management? Does my Information System need it? How to select a solution? How to implement it technically and organizationally? What mistakes should be avoided?

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  • Understand the essentials of what API Management is

  • Know how to identify if I need it

  • Understand the different ways to implement it

  • Understand the technical and organizational consequences

  • Help me choose a solution

"We will guide you through the intricacies of API Management, this necessary evil that you will soon be unable to live without"

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